Is Gandhian Mode of Protest Satyagraha Still Relevant? Essay

Is Gandhian Mode of Protest (Satyagraha) still relevant?

Satyagraha is a method of resistance and mass movement developed by Gandhi during his days and nights in S. africa and later epitomised in India during their freedom struggle against Uk empire. Satyagraha was created as a wide-ranging term intended for techniques of civil disobedience, non cooperation, hunger hit and protest. Satyagraha is known as a portmanteau with the Sanskrit phrases Satya (meaning " truth" ) and Agraha (" insistence", or " possessing firmly to" ). For Gandhi, Satyagraha went significantly beyond simple " unaggressive resistance" to become strength in practising non-violent methods. Later on Satyagraha attended become the the majority of successful level of resistance technique and inspired various other great commanders like Martin Luther Ruler Junior, Nelson Mandela and more. Not only this led to liberty of our region but likewise created a battalion of 1000s of activists for whom it probably is a method of life and they were there to condition India's long term in correct form to ensure not just independence but also to the confront challenges which a newly developed nation encounter.

However it was felt that today's children is unattached from all those Gandhian strategies and satyagraha is burning off its charm as the last successful mass movement following Gandhi is usually itself more than 30 years outdated when JP movement gave tremors towards the government during 70's which will later on ended in internal emergency and since after that we have not experienced virtually any mass movements on satyagraha lines, which usually probably led people and political scientists to believe that satyagraha and Gandhian methods are obsolete.

A century is enough time to deface and damaged any idea. And this is what happened with 'satyagraha', conceptualised and experimented by Mahatma Gandhi in Johannesberg, Champaran, Dandi and also other places as with a study on Gandhi done by BASSE CONSOMMATION in 3 years ago on American indian youth shockingly revealed that -

Quite a number of learners shockingly remarked that Mahatma Gandhi would have recently been entirely overlooked today nevertheless for the...

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