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Standard Clinical Equipment


Exceptional equipment is itemized in the elements list of every single protocol. Listed below are standard items in the modern foodstuff science laboratory—i. e., things used thoroughly in this manual and thus not usually as part of the individual elements lists. Observe SUPPLIERS APPENDIX for info for industrial vendors of laboratory products.

Applicators, cotton-tipped and wooden


Amounts, analytical and preparative


Biohazard disposal containers and bags

Mixer (e. g., Waring Blendor)

Bottles, a glass and plastic material

Bunsen burners

Centrifuges, low-speed (6, 000 rpm) and highspeed (20, 000 rpm) refrigerated centrifuges, ultracentrifuge (20, 000 to 80, 500 rpm), and

microcentrifuge that holds common 0. 5- and

1 ) 5-ml microcentrifuge tubes

TAKE NOTE: Centrifuge speeds are provided since g or

as rpm (with case rotor models)

throughout the manual.

Cold area (4В°C) or cold container

Computer (PC or Macintosh) and inkjet printer

Conical centrifuge tubes, 15- and 25-ml plastic

Cuvettes, plastic disposable, glass, and quartz

Darkroom and growing tank, or perhaps X-Omat

automatic X-ray film developer (Kodak)

Desiccators (including vacuum desiccators)

and desiccant

Dry ice cubes

Filtration device, for collecting acid

precipitates on nitrocellulose filters or


Flasks, glass (e. g., Erlenmeyer, beveled



Freezers, в€’20В° and в€’80В°C

Skin gels electrophoresis tools, horizontal

significant and minigel apparatus, vertical

full-size and minigel apparatus for

polyacrylamide protein pastes, and particular

equipment for two-dimensional proteins gels

Mill (e. g., coffee grinder)

Heat-sealable plastic-type material bags and apparatus

Warming blocks, thermostat-controlled metal

heating block that holds evaluation tubes and

microcentrifuge pontoons

Hoods, substance and microbiological

Hot china, with or without magnetic stirrer

Gloves, plastic and latex, non reusable and

the product

Graduated cylinders


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