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Draft Job Proposal Form

Student Identity: Mohamed Raseen Mohamed Rasmy Student Simply no: TP-035524

Email Address: [email protected] com

Program Term: IT- Network Computing

Title of project: An APU network community program in important shopping item.

Please record which will modules your topic is related to:

Advanced Database Devices

Programming Principles in C++

Web Applications



This is the draft pitch of your FYP which must be submitted towards the project supervisor by hardcopy – label your timeline for submitter deadline.

1 . Advantages

Nowadays shopping is very crucial hard work done every individuals. Persons desires and wishes are unlimited, although it come with update capabilities day to day. Consequently moving with day by day busy schedule, people didn't have idea about wherever is the exact place to get their essential stuff obtainable. By this time, to a particular purchasing item have around someone to hundred branded products. Therefore choosing the authentic item for best price is really challengeable. Also concerning modern business strategies such as offers and advertising are surrounded unexperienced consumers into their products, finally new consumers combine to one merchandise blindly. Wherever the term business exists the likelihood of fraud also conditionally is available. Because of large competition every vendors planning to be wise via selection of tactics. Thus there are options on unreliability. Despite these kinds of issues what sort of consumer find the appropriate required buying item and knowing the ideal price, wherever and how to have it with the condition of reliability. Precisely the same situation taking place to APU students and staffs. Among the solution is to this issue, that can be getting greatest price with reliability pertaining to shopping products is the actual product details via own community. Certainly we trust our friends and lectures. Consequently collecting data from APU community contributes to solve each of our day to day getting.

My program being proposed would provide buying convenience to APU community. We can assure the APU students and staffs will be possibly living around handful of kilometers of university. Most likely every one getting their purchasing item by concerning their convenience, instead of looking wherever is the best product available for the actual item surrounding the area. Therefore my system is purposely produced for the APU community to gather useful information relating to daily essential shopping products.

The program is working via interested participants from your APU. As a result contribution of each one is need to and help to run the system properly. We help APU community to buy real products to best selling price. As much as APU community concerning, contributing and sharing reliable info's jointly for a " common good”, subsequently the person quality of life will probably be improved with each other too. The machine consist of customer login function to ensure authentication of the end user. After signed up to the system the user can easily share an item whenever and where ever he / she finds the item is truly gratify with the value and top quality. Which suggest the user may notify key term of the product and notice the place where obtainable. Likewise every single user could be report for the similar item. Consequently to boost the best among those record, the system provides the up-to-date best price and place coming from evaluating just about every user's report for the particular shopping item. The system build to revise each revealing entries subsequently on time. As a result whenever by simply checking the program APU community can get the right information with regards to each item. Therefore the system bring very convenience to the users by staying away from unwanted problems regarding the necessary product and choose the right a single at best place. Most importantly the program contain looking feature. If the user...

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