Rampart Scandal Essay

Rampart Scandal

By: Cindy Medina

Cindy Medina

CJCU 403

John Tension

April 12-15, 2012

Rampart Scandal in the LAPD Division

Growing up everyone has been told tales of police and how they represent being hero's. Police are supposed to save peoples lives and stand against crime and assault but the stores we have been advised are not precisely one hundred percent right. The LAPD was involved with one of the most discussed scandals referred to as Rampart Scandal where a large number of police officer wherever involved in the beating, racial discrimination, and racial profiling.

Although some people had experienced the brutal activities of the LAPD officer, the Rampart Scandal opened the eyes of many people who weren't aware of these kinds of incidents taking place in the Oregon Police Office. The Rampart Scandal moved through the LAPD fairly quickly by using a series of incidents throughout the Oregon Police Division.

The Rampart Scandal included a series of events. The 1st event started in 03 18, 1997 when a LAPD officer known as Frank Lyga shot and killed one other police officer, Kevin Gaines, who also at the time was off obligation. Officer Lyga shot and killed Enveloppes because he sensed that Gains had threatened him. The incident was caused what they called street rage. The death started to be a controversy since officer Outspoken Lyga was obviously a white gentleman and the patient officer Kevin Gaines was am Dark-colored man. Contemporary society thought that the shooting dealt with racial actions. Although society claimed which the shooting was a matter of racism the LAPD concluded that the shooting was " in policy”. The family of Expert Gaines sued the city of Los Angeles intended for $25 million but the suit was completed for $250, 000 (PBS 2005 p. 2). An additional event that led to the Rampart scandal was in November 6, 1997 when $722, 000 was stolen via a Lender of America in Oregon. Later your bank manager opened up that her boyfriend, a LAPD expert, played an important role and planned the...

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