Civic Education Essay


In this conversation, I will seriously look at the notion of conflict and critically look at some reasons for conflict. Conflicts occur and exist when it comes to of various factors and causes; hence, it is encumbered upon this discussion to bring out some common causes of clashes in many communities and societies. I shall end the topic by considering some remedies that can be applied in order to relieve the impact of conflicts in instances where they turn into violent ones The word ‘Conflict' is just as old as human being as it has been in existence in all spheres of human existence since the creation of the complete world. In the recent past, the world socio-political environs had been on the boil despite the colossal amount of human and material methods expended about global peace and conflict management by simply several Nations around the world, States, Regional Organizations and the United Nations. Rather than the global turmoil diminishing in spite of the several actions taken, it is becoming more virulent and harmful because it features continued to drain the vitality and guy power solutions of the stressed spots if not the whole world and emasculate governance. ( Drukkman, Deb. 1993) In accordance to Webster Dictionary, Volume. 1, the year of 1971, the word Discord is derived from the Latin term " confligere” meaning to " strike together. Lexically, Conflict means " to strike, to dasy. A fight, have difficulties or struggle, clash, a contentious, confrontation, an issue or quarrel, active resistance, strife or incompatibility, to satisfy in competitors or violence, to say, to be on the contrary or to become at variance”. Conflict also means contradiction as a result of differences in interests, ideas, ideologies, orientations, values, perceptions and tendencies. Although conflict is a normal, all-natural and inevitable phenomenon in just about any interactive situation of human being life, the contradictions is present at all amount society intra psychic/personal, interpersonal, intra teams, inter group, institution, intra...

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