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Introduction to Sociology

Fall 2013.

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Due Date: December 18, 2013.

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1- Within a short article, identify numerous your individual statuses. What roles correspond to each? Do any operate while master statuses? How? 2- Explain the idea of socially creating reality with examples by everyday life. 3- State 4 ways in which, in accordance to Emile Durkheim, deviance is useful for contemporary society as a whole. 4- Explain the between main and extra deviance. 5- State many ways in which caste and class systems vary. 6- Precisely what is meritocracy? What part can it play in the lecture systems? 7- Define competition and ethnicity. How do that they differ?

8- What is a interpersonal institution? Precisely what is the economy?

9- What are three defining characteristics of capitalism?

10- What are the three defining traits of socialism?

1- A status is actually a group of cultural positions that an individual contains, with different functions related to each status. My spouse and i hold diverse statuses, for instance , being a Muslim, a son, a student, and Massoud relative. My functions related to being a Muslim are declaring Al-Shahadah, performing the five ritual prayers per day, fasting in Ramadan, carrying out Zakat, and Hajj. Being a son, my own roles in order to respect mother and father and help all of them, perform my own duties that we am asked to do and take responsibility after my father. As a college student, my functions would be going to classes, doing assignments, having prepared for class, learning, and getting on time. Having Massoud as a family name could be regarded as a grasp status, seeing that elder family are well known for playing functions in the federal government, military and sports. 2- Social structure of reality is based on the interactions in the society, these kinds of interactions that happen again and again create, eventually, certain concepts or representations that we consider as truth. For example , a conflict is known as a constructed truth....

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