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tenth grade American history test out chapter 18 study guide.

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1 . What were two major variations between the

governments of U. S i9000. and Soviet Union?: ALL OF US: Capitalism, exclusive citizens controlled almost all financial activity.

Voting was done by the folks electing a president and a our elected representatives from competitive political functions.


Communism, Point out controlled most property and economic activity. Communist party established a totalitarian authorities with no opposing party once voting.

2 . Main reason why the U. T. distrusted the Soviet Union

through WWII?: Once US became more which Stalin have been an ally of Hitler and then supported the allies simply after Hitler invaded the soviet union.

three or more. Two things the Soviet Union disliked about the allies

throughout WWII:: Which the US retained its advancement the atomic bomb a secret, also Stalin resented the American Allies hold off in attacking the Germans in The european union.

4. What was the main purpose of the UN?: Hope to bring universe peace.

5. Just how many countries were originally involved in it?: Fifty

six. Why was Truman unprepared to become director when

Franklin Roosevelt died in April 1945?: He had only been vp for a short while and wasn't seriously involved in the best policy decisions. This brought on him to not know many important things.

7. What were a number of Truman's characteristics as a leader?: honest and able to make tough decisions.

almost 8. What was the Potsdam Conference about?: creating a new postwar world.

9. What promise did Stalin produce yet certainly not fulfill that made

president Truman distrust him even more?: Assured free elections in Especially and other parts of eastern The european union. 10. What was Stalin's aim in assisting communist

governments in Eastern The european countries?: to decrease all invasions from the western world

10. What is hold?: Taking procedures to prevent file format of communism rule abroad.

doze. what had been president Truman's goals in establishing the policy of Containment?: to guide his overseas policy.

13. Main objective in the truman cortege?: giving funds to free people who are fighting off being absorbed by communism. 14. Just how did congress feel about the Truman regle?: That it could keep soviet influence by spreading.

15. Targets of the Marshall plan?: US to provide help to European nations in need.

16. Just how effective was the Marshall prepare in achieving it's

objectives?: European hopes were revived and communist party lost the appeal to voters.

17. what 2 countries received the most aid from the Marshall Program?: Great Britain and France.

18. Why did the start the Berlin Airlift in 1948?: To soar food and supplies in to West Berlin after Stalin's blockade. nineteen. What were the effects of the Berlin Portage?: Boosted

American value around the world and the soviet union lifted the blockade. 20. List initial members of N. A. T. O.: Belgium



Great Britain









21 years old. What was the objective of N. A. T. To?: Give armed forces support to each other in case any kind of member gets attacked.

22. Who is Chiang Kai-Shek?: Leader of Nationalist govt in china and tiawan.

3. How would the American public look at Chiang Kai-Shek?:

Admired his courage and dedication

24. How did the US government watch Chiang Kai-Shek?:

Located his authorities to be inefficient and hopelessly corrupt.

25. For what reason did the US government give Chiang Kai-shek several

billion dollars?: to help him try rebuilding his government and so communism didn't take over.

26. Who had been Mao Zedong?: Communist federal government leader in North cina.

27. Which innovator out of Chinag Kai-shek and mao zedong

won the civil battle in china and tiawan?: Mao Zedong and communism. Although chiang had the US's support, his nationalist government was too weakened to be rebuilt.

28. Why did the US support...

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