Essay within the Popol Vuh

The Quiche Civilization

At the end in the eighteenth 100 years, the publication Popol-Vuh was found by simply fray Francisco Ximenez in the high lands of Guatemala. The publication was written in Quiche Maya, but in the Roman alphabet. Just as mysteriously because the book appeared, that disappeared unfortunately he available enough to be replicated. The book is out dated back to the sixteenth century, but the story goes significantly beyond now. This Holy bible has not becoming decoded in its totality. You will still find questions about who are the creators of the creators. The information in the book Popol-Vuh reveals which the Guatemalan people lived in the past in regions of lagoons, but probably since they did not have enough space for their activities and required independence, still left this area and peregrinated toward the territories in the interior Guatemala. They adopted the span of great rivers that have their origin in the mountains of Guatemala. By doing this they attained high base and mountain range from the room and they subside and did start to take advantage of the resources this land offered to all of them.

During their long trip, and in their new establishment in the new area, they suffered great seems to lose as it is explained in their holy book of Popol-Vuh. This loses continued until they discovered the corn and began to practice agriculture. The consequence of agriculture was favorable through the years, and was extremely beneficial for the development of the population plus the culture of numerous groups of the Quiche civilization. The story of Popol-Vuh begins long before their writers been with us. It tells of three other creations prior to present one particular. Each past world was destroyed because of the faults within their characters. In the last creation of men, the gods came up with the flesh, bloodstream, and bones from reddish and yellow-colored corn. The red corn was used to get the blood from the humans as well as the yellow corn for the formation of the flesh and bone tissues. Corn became the most important foodstuff of the Quiche...

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